Morley Huettl

Morley Huettl

Client Services Coordinator

I am Morley Huettl and I am delighted to serve my fellow estheticians in furthering their medical esthetic education. I have been a licensed esthetician in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1999. I have been working with lasers after receiving my laser operator certification from ARRA. About four years ago, I began researching microneedling and decided to take a course from Kris Groop at Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy. The educational experience at EALA was far different from any other school I have attended. I purchased a system and started working on clients. Since that time, I have continued to develop my education and skills in medical esthetics. I have found that one of my passions is teaching others, as I was an educator prior to going into medical esthetics.

SkinStylus® is committed to improving the safety and efficacy of microneedling and relies on research, not marketing hype. I really appreciate the efforts this company is taking to help clinicians become both proficient with microneedling. I have had the opportunity to instruct SkinStylus® students and have been able to share my success with this modality with others.

As Client Services Coordinator for EALA, EstheCeuticals®, and SkinStylus®, my focus is providing information and guidance on microneedling to prospective SkinStylus® owners and clinicians who are already using the system in their practice. Part of my responsibility is to guide clinicians in selecting the appropriate medical esthetics educational offering as well as showing them the benefits of incorporating EstheCeuticals® into their practices.

I also provide support for current SkinStylus® System owners for those who need service, repair, or supplies. I can assist in basic troubleshooting as well as create a service ticket that allows our technicians to provide more comprehensive support.

I look forward to helping clinicians become successful safely and ethically. Please feel free to contact me with any question, concern, comment, or request for information. I can be reached at

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